The Bread and Butter Thing (TBBT) is a charity that makes life more affordable for people on a low income. Our mission is to create a fair solution for people in poverty and our long-term aim is to address the premiums that people in poverty pay for food, loans, energy and other everyday essentials simply because of their personal circumstances.

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Our Impact

Our Impact

To date, The Bread And Butter Thing has provided over 4,300,000 meals to families in need in Greater Manchester. And currently we are delivering roughly 20 tonnes of surplus food a week – that's about 45,000 meals a week, and 2,500,000 a year.

It's great to see that we now have over 8,000 registered families across Greater Manchester, working through 27 hubs. Collectively, our members are currently saving over £28,000 per week (that's about £1.5M per year). Our members range from young families and single parent families to refugees and the elderly.

As well as being financially better off, our members also enjoy improved wellbeing generally. 75% say they eat better when they access food from us, and over 90% tell us they feel more part of the community as a result of TBBT.

We are continuing to grow and have started to deploy our  sixth van which will take our capacity to 9,000 members, delivering to 2,000 families per week. We also have now confirmed support for a further two vans in Greater Manchester and two offers further afield.

We've started to grow supplies of food by developing wider relationships with industry. Our model is supply dependant and can only grow as fast as we can source supply. However, this is steadily increasing.

As our supply grows, we are looking to develop further partnerships with community projects and deliver more food and support to more communities.

How the model works

We operate through a membership model, whereby our members with very little disposable income are offered the provision of a deeply discounted food service to help their income go further.

We target communities who are really struggling to afford the everyday basics. We know from our conversations with them, that they regularly skip meals and rarely have the luxury of household goods without having to make some tough choices.To reach our members, we develop partnerships with local community organisations that are in a position to recommend the services of TBBT and recruit members.

How you can help

How you can help

TBBT warmly welcomes interest from people and organisations looking to help us out.

We are always on the lookout for more food and non-food (such as washing powder or toiletries) donations, so if you think you may have surpluses that we could use, please drop us a line. We have a national infrastructure and can redistribute donations regionally and nationally. No donation is too small or too large. We work with several organisations, ensuring nothing goes to waste.

If you fancy helping out in other ways, get in touch! If you are based in Greater Manchester, we are always looking for volunteers that can help build and strengthen our offer – from helping recruit new members to packing bags with a team to more skilled challenges such as fundraising or social media. Drop us a line and let’s talk.

And of course we’re always happy to accept financial donations to help towards acquiring and deploying more food distribution vehicles – which are self-sustaining once fully deployed.

TBBT is a low-cost social and environmental model. The ability to operate without infrastructure such as warehouses means that it can grow as quickly as it can find supply.

We operate through a membership scheme that provides supplies for your fridge, your kitchen cupboards and bathroom. Working with our community partners saves a lot of time and effort for us as they can find members through their own organisations.

By contacting members prior to distribution, we know how many bags of goods are required each day, assisting efficiency and eliminating waste.

For suppliers, we provide;

  • A reliable service to redistribute their surpluses.
  • A low-effort service that saves them time and resources as there’s no need for sorting.
  • Regular feedback regarding the volumes of goods and the social impact they are helping to provide.
  • A commercial return for certain goods.
  • A trusted partner with over 20 years experience of securely redistributing goods.


Since April 2016, we have helped over 20,000 families and saved them over £5 million. We operate out of 35 hubs and are growing.

Over 7,000 tonnes of food already redistributed.
Our members range from young families and single parent families to refugees and the elderly.

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