We want our volunteers to enjoy themselves and to feel engaged and part of TBBT.

The types of volunteering roles we have available include helping us to recruit new members, packing bags with a team, and more skilled challenges such as fundraising or social media.


We describe our volunteering as ‘functional fitness’ and ask all of our volunteers to be mindful of how physical the work can be – lifting and carrying goods in all weather, packing which is usually done standing up – and to pace themselves!


Packing roles have specific time slots which vary according to the day and location. A typical volunteer shift for packing is three hours and we aim to have 10 volunteers at each Community Partner we pack at each day. Over a year, each van attracts 10 volunteers Monday to Friday; that’s 12,000 hours of volunteer time per annum.

Other roles are more flexible as they are not dependent on the vans’ schedules.


When a volunteer starts, we provide a 15-minute induction. This introduces them to our processes, the duties involved, potential health and safety risks and basic food hygiene requirements.


We usually recruit our volunteers from the communities we serve and they tend to become members of TBBT. If you are interested in volunteering, please get in touch – we’d love to hear from you!