Our Impact

Our Impact

Each November, we check in with our members to ask them how we're doing.

This year, 1500 took part and 85% of our members rate us good or very good and the majority of members save £25 or more each time they use us. For 81% this leaves them with money left at the end of the week to purchase more than just basics which includes money to buy things for their children, for the gas and electricity and reduce debts.


Our members are a varied bunch:

  • 88% are of working age and 83% are female
  • Half are in work and half are unemployed. Of the half in work, only 25% have full-time jobs, the rest are on part-time or zero hours.
  • 31% are on universal credit and 18% on some sort of disability benefit.
  • Nearly half say they are living with some sort of physical or mental health condition.
  • On average each of them has 3 dependents meaning their weekly food collection is reaching 4 people.
  • We asked about how they pay their energy bills and 59% are on pay-as-you-go tariffs with only 10% on direct debit.


How our food helps:

We know our members can struggle to get enough good, healthy food. 82% have previously run out of food before the end of the week and 81% say they have had to skip meals. We asked them about the impact of the TBBT shopping and 78% say they can now afford to feed their family.


Diet Diversity and Recipe Experiments:

TBBT provides pre-packed shopping and the members cannot choose the contents which varies from week to week. We always have a bag of fruit and veg with every delivery.

Members told us that

  • 83% have tried new foods
  • 71% cook more healthily at home
  • 77% eating more fruit and vegetables.


TBBT in the community:

TBBT never works in isolation.  We always work with community partners and members are drawn from that local community.

  • Our partner hubs report increased footfall with more people from the area feeling comfortable to attend
  • 94% of members say that TBBT is good for the community, and
  • 74% of members say that they themselves now feel more engaged with their local community

And we're enormously grateful as over 140 of our members volunteer with us each week across our 29 hubs. Between them, they provide more than 2,350 volunteering hours each month.  We couldn’t do it without them.


TBBT in numbers: March 2020

Number of hubs: 29

Volunteers each week: 165+

Number of vans: 7

Total number of members: 8000+

Ave number of members per week: 1600

Tonnes of food distributed per week: 22

Average saving per member each week: £22

Total savings per week: £35200