Bread And Butter

We're going on a turkey hunt!

The Bread and Butter Thing is on a Wild Goose Chase to track down 3,500 turkeys before Christmas!

The Bread and Butter Thing would like to give its members a Christmas dinner to remember and is now on the lookout for 3500 turkeys to take their rightful place amongst the sprouts, gravy and roast potatoes.

Mark Game (no pun intended), CEO said: "We're looking for festive food donations to help give our members a Christmas treat. 2020 has been an extraordinary year and like everyone else, our members are looking forward to spending time with their families. We want to support them by offering a full Christmas dinner as part of their weekly delivery but need 3500 turkeys to do it!

“Through fowl means or fair we're reaching out to local farmers, shops, hotels, restaurants and businesses across the food industry to ask for donations.  What might seem a poultry amount to some, is a feast to others, and it would be a real feather in our caps if we could track down enough turkeys to give our members a proper Christmas dinner."

TBBT has over 12000 members across the North of England and makes weekly deliveries to over 3500 families from Partington in Greater Manchester to Peterlee in County Durham. Members pay £7.50 for three bags of food: fruit and veg, chilled food and cupboard goods. This December, TBBT wants to ensure the families it supports can also enjoy a traditional Christmas dinner together.

Mark Game continues: "Over 82% of our members have skipped meals to feed their families. We're working hard to ensure that we can spread festive joy and find enough turkeys to carve up between our members and ensure that no-one misses out on Christmas dinner."

If you have food you would like to donate, please contact