Bread And Butter

Fantastic Home Energy Roadshow

The Bread and Butter Thing teams up with Electricity North West

St Luke's Church Wythenshawe, Friday 21st August, 12 noon

  • Electricity North West to attend TBBT hub in Wythenshawe on Friday 21st August
  • Roadshow will offer advice on energy efficiency and keeping the home warm
  • Including help in paying bills, affording top-ups, access to grants for boilers, heating and insulation
  • Pilot project hopes to unlock thousands in savings for people on a low income

The Bread and Butter Thing have teamed up with Electricity North West to offer members advice and support in all aspects of energy use, keeping the home warm and managing bills. Access to grants for boilers heating and insulation, top-ups to payment arrears, the Fantastic Home Energy roadshow aims to support people on low incomes and in need as the winter approaches.

Electricity North West and partners Marches Energy, Groundwork and United Utilities will offer free energy support giving financial advice to TBBT's members facing arrears and disconnection or struggling because of the pandemic.

Mark Game, CEO The Bread and Butter Thing said: "An essential part of TBBT's work is developing partnerships which deliver real change and benefits for our members, who are all on low incomes living in deprived areas.

"Last year, Citizens Advice unlocked over £10,000 worth of saving in just two sessions. We're hoping that this Fantastic Home roadshow will do the same and become an established event at hubs across Greater Manchester, providing essential support, guidance and advice for our members.

"I'm also pleased that we can continue to work with and build our connections with Electricity North West who have been an enormous logistical support throughout the pandemic sending vans and drivers to help us distribute food every day."  

Jill Hendry, engagement and partnership lead at Electricity North West added: “We’re delighted to be teaming up with The Bread and Butter Thing who provide such a crucial service throughout the region.

“We’re here to help and want to provide useful advice, partnership support is vital to ensuring schemes such as this thrive and progress.

“The roadshow is the first of a number of events we’ll be holding. Those attending can learn about energy efficiency, help in paying bills and access to various grants to provide a warmer home.”

The first Fantastic Home roadshow will take place on 21st August from 12noon at St Luke's Church, Brownlee Road, Wythenshawe.