Bread And Butter

OL1-Oldham extends its Grocery Store Project with TBBT to support those in severe need

  • £1500 from Henry Smith Charity and Oldham Community Recovery Fund will allow support to people who are homeless, refugees or asylum seekers throughout 2021
  • Vouchers worth £7.50 will access £35 worth of food

Launched in August, OL1-Oldham's Grocery Store Project is a voucher scheme run in partnership with TBBT and the local Emerging Communities team, enabling people in severe need and food insecurity to access nutritious food supplies. New funding will enable the scheme to continue running throughout 2021 including £500 from the Henry Smith Charity and £1000 from Oldham Community Recovery Fund.

OL1-Oldham has been home to a weekly TBBT project since 2018. The organisations work closely together supporting people on low incomes and living in deprived communities across the BGreen and OL1 areas.

OL1-Oldham Chair, Angie Brain explains: "Every week we see people locally who have been severely affected by the pandemic but those who have no recourse to public funds are really struggling. Our Grocery Store Project has provided a lifeline for many and I'm delighted that we are able to extend the service.

"This is really a very small project, but if you calculate how we are turning each grant into food, the figures are mind blowing. We'll have spent £2,000 but received £9,310 worth of food for families locally who are stressed and struggling."

One mother said: “I am a refugee from Nigeria, and I want to thank you all so much from the bottom of my heart for all the help you are giving my family and others. We are all so very grateful for this wonderful project. As refugees and asylum seekers we have literally nothing with which to buy good food. This is truly helping us and our families so much. May God bless you”.

OL1-Oldham teamed up with the local Emerging Communities team to help distribute the vouchers. Five people receive vouchers each week and fund-raising will continue to try and ensure the scheme can continue.

Angie Brain continues: "By working with the Emerging Communities team we ensure the vouchers reach those who need them most and we allow people in real poverty to be treated with dignity, accessing food alongside TBBT's regular members."

Rachel Reid-Fernandez, Operations Manager for TBBT adds: "I'm so delighted that we can continue to run this vital scheme. Grassroots community support is at the heart of our work to ensure that the most vulnerable members of society have access to affordable, nutritious food."


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