Bread And Butter

Bread, Butter and Milk - Manchester's Response Recipe

* The Bread and Butter Thing team up with The Modern Milkman to serve Manchester's COVID-vulnerable


* Funded and supported by Manchester City Council


* Daily deliveries to those most in need



The Bread and Butter Thing is teaming up with The Modern Milkman to provide Manchester's COVID-19 Crisis Response with daily deliveries of fresh food to the ill, elderly and isolated across the city, funded by Manchester City Council.

The project unites The Bread and Butter Thing's expertise in redistributing food surplus with the Modern Milkman's growing door-to-door delivery squad, to offer a vital lifeline to 100s of households across the city from Thursday 2nd April.

Mark Game, CEO The Bread and Butter Thing explains: "The Coronavirus is forcing us all to revaluate our ways of working to respond to those most in need. Every day TBBT takes food surplus from supermarkets, manufacturers and distributors and bags up it up for our 8000+ members across Greater Manchester and beyond. Normally we distribute through community hubs - and this work continues - but we are now expanding to provide a door-to-door service for Manchester's most vulnerable who are self-isolating at home and unable to get out to get food safely."

Simon Mellin, MD of The Modern Milkman continues: "Our drivers usually spend the mornings doing our regular milk rounds. Now we'll be working through the day to pick up food from The Bread and Butter Thing and - in our fleet of 80+ milk vans - we'll be dropping the food bags to people who really need them most. It's an opportunity for all of us to better serve our city and our communities and look out for Manchester's elderly, sick and isolated."

With special funding from Manchester City Council, individuals in need should contact the Council's dedicated Coronavirus Support Team on 0800 234 6123.


The Bread and Butter Thing

The Bread and Butter Thing is a charity that makes life more affordable for people on a low income, builds stronger communities and reduces food waste using an innovative and self-sustaining approach to the redistribution of surplus food and non-food items. Its mission is to create a fair solution for people in poverty and its long-term aim is to address the premiums that people in poverty pay for food, loans, energy and other everyday essentials simply because of their personal circumstances.


TBBT was formally founded in 2016. It started with one van and five community partners. By March 2020, TBBT had grown to seven vans and 29 community partners. Its drivers make 1,300+ deliveries over six days a week – that’s over 40,000 meals every week – and deliver every week of the year, giving members regular and reliable access to our service.


To date, TBBT have provided over 3,000,000 meals to families in need across Greater Manchester. Currently it is delivering roughly 22 tonnes of surplus food a week – that's more than 2,000,000 meals a year.


TBBT now has over 8,000 members across Greater Manchester and Darlington, collectively saving over £35,200 per week – about £1.8M per year. The average saving per week is £22. Members range from young families and single parent families to refugees and the elderly.


The Modern Milkman

Passionate about supporting local producers and sustainability, and available online and through our app, we deliver to thousands of homes across Leeds, Greater Manchester and East Lancashire. If you order before 3pm, we guarantee delivery by 7.30am the next morning.

Our innovation has revolutionised the traditional milk round and provided the market to connect consumers directly with the farm gate and producers. Sustainability if key for us, in terms of reducing food miles, supporting local economies and preventing packaging waste. We reuse packaging and we are a single-use plastic free grocery service.

Much more than just a milkman.