Bread And Butter

Bread and Butter on the Move

Today TBBT is moving into temporary new premises at Bowlers Exhibition Centre. With demand for support continuing to grow through the coronavirus crisis, TBBT has outgrown its current warehouse as it expands to serve thousands of individuals and families each day.


The team are already receiving in excess of 40 tonnes of food each day from its roster of generous industry suppliers including supermarkets Morrisons, Marks and Spencer, Asda, Lidl and Co-op as well as direct from food manufacturers and distributors. This week alone has seen Mars Wrigley, Westmill and Soreen all make significant donations in addition to TBBT regular supporters. With the additional warehouse space, TBBT will now have capacity to take 400 tonnes a week, representing 1m meals a week.


Mark Game, CEO explains: "We are so grateful for the enormous support that is coming from the food industry at this particularly challenging time for families and communities. As a result of the massive increase in volumes and the need for us to pack bags at base, things have become very hectic at our current home.


"The team at Bowlers Exhibition Centre have been brilliant and have thrown open their doors and their space to us to use in the coming weeks. We now have copious space to keep up with demand and ensure that our dedicated team of staff and volunteers can continue to work efficiently and safely. We're really looking forward to settling in to our new short-term home."


While the team relocate to the BEC, the main TBBT warehouse will be undergoing work to help upgrade the facilities, including the installation of a new walk in fridge. This work is being funded through a grant from DEFRA and will enable the organisation to increase the volumes of chilled good that it can receive and distribute when it eventually returns to its base.