Mark Game

Mark Game


The pushy one – always wanting to keep moving on and getting things done!

When did you join TBBT?

October 2015.


What was your background before joining?

I ran a business that stopped food going to waste and developed the first social supermarket in the UK. Oh, I’m also an accountant by trade!


What appealed to you about working for TBBT?

Seeing what you can do by giving a little help and support to people and how transformative that can be for communities.


What’s the best thing about your job?

Meeting loads of new people and learning about all the great stuff that is happening to help communities in need.


What’s your own favourite type of food?



What signature recipe would you share with TBBT members?

Pasta with feta and roast tomatoes.


Your top tip for reducing food waste in the home:

Don’t go the supermarket hungry!