Marianna Tripi

Marianna Tripi

Community Development Delivery Officer

Friendly and hard working with a calm approach and willing to help

When did you join TBBT?

September 2018.

What was your background before joining?

I worked in retail as an assistant manager, and previously in Italy was an HR recruiter and also worked in administration. In my spare time I have volunteered in a foster home.


What appealed to you about working for TBBT?

The idea of helping people by providing them with food, getting involved in the community and working to help decrease food waste.


What’s the best thing about your job?

it is a dynamic job, it gives me the opportunity to get to know many people, to get involved in community life and to do something good for the environment.


What’s your own favourite type of food?

Pasta and pizza.


What signature recipe would you share with TBBT members?

Vegetable and cheese lasagne.


Your top tip for reducing food waste in the home:

I regularly check what is in the fridge and if I don't know how to cook the leftovers or veggies, then I look for new recipes online.