Justin Pritchard

Justin Pritchard

Warehouse Supervisor

I think the team would see me with boundless energy.

When did you join TBBT?

I Joined the team volunteering before become a full time member in November 2019

What was your background before joining?

I’ve worked in Marketing for a number of years before joining TBBT

What appealed to you about working for TBBT?

The, team, the spirit, the amazing volunteers and TBBT’s incredible customers.

What’s the best thing about your job?

Working hard as a team to help our members who deserve our support.

What’s your own favourite type of food?

I love Cheese!

What signature recipe would you share with TBBT members? 

My signature dish is a Mussels Broth. Mussels
two tins of chopped tomato’s
Half a carton of single cream
Chilli and a tipple of Brandy

Your top tip for reducing food waste in the home:

Freeze what you can and use when you need it.