Julie Heseltine

Julie Heseltine


Calm, cheerful and friendly.

When did you join TBBT? 

January 2020


What was your background before joining?

I have worked in education over a 20 year period.  Having been a trainer, assessor and Training Centre Manager. I ensured the delivery of qualifications and work experience, which supported 16-19-year-old learners from diverse and challenging backgrounds into employment, training and further education.


What appealed to you about working for TBBT? 

Having the opportunity to work for and be a part of a great charity.  Helping and supporting a diverse community, enabling them to make ends meet each week.


What’s the best thing about your job?

I work with a wonderful team of people and volunteers, who all work really hard to deliver a fantastic service each day.


What’s your own favourite type of food? 

I love all types of food, Indian, Chinese, Italian and a good Sunday roast


What signature recipe would you share with TBBT members?

I enjoy chicken casserole, this always goes down well with family.


Top tip for reducing food waste in the home: 

I like to shop every other day and decide what dishes to cook in advance. It's worth freezing anything that hasn't been used, so that nothing goes to waste.