Fiona Williams

Fiona Williams

Comms Director

Smiley. Talks a lot. Sends too many emails.

When did you join TBBT?

May 2019

What was your background before joining TBBT?

I was at the BBC publicity department. I launched the BBC Music brand, In the Night Garden on CBeebies and a whole host of other campaigns from Panorama to Sports Personality of the Year to Casualty. Then I went freelance working for Sky, Channel 4, Harper Collins and lots of independent production companies. And now TBBT.

What appealed to you about working for TBBT?

TBBT is unique with its matrix of environmental, social and economic capabilities. Who wouldn't want to work for an organisation that can literally change people's lives and the world simultaneously? And the team are a really lovely bunch of people too ...

Best thing about the job?

Every day is completely different involving new people, new projects and things to learn. It keeps me on my toes.

Favourite types of food

I'm big on soup, stews and curries. With masses of veg involved. I'd chose savoury over sweet every time.

Signature recipe to share with TBBT

Fish and pea risotto. Olive oil, finely chopped celery, arborio rice, fish stock, gentle heat, keep stirring. Glug of white wine. Keep stirring. More stock. More stirring. Add chunks of white fish and a mug full of peas. Prawns also good. Squeeze of lemon juice. Dusting of parmesan. Serve. With some more of that white wine in a glass.

Top tip for reducing food waste at home

Lentils. Honestly. You can use them with left over veg or meat or fish or almost anything to create whole new dishes from stews, curries, chillis, soups... I could go on. They're my secret weapon against waste. Red, green or yellow. Take your pick!