Food Donations

We know that there are three key things
that really matter to businesses donating food:

Is this a safe means of disposal?
Will it cost me to donate this food?
Am I allowed to donate food to this charity?

The quick answers (in case you don’t want to read any further) are:


It won’t cost you anything, except possibly a little time.


Talk to us and we will explain the whole process
and give you evidence of permissions.

We have over twenty years’ experience of redistributing food; yes, we are safe and know what we are doing.

The key to successful food redistribution is service. It needs to be easy and efficient. Even if we can’t use the food ourselves, The Bread and Butter Thing will try our very best to find somewhere safe and reliable for you to donate it. We believe that it is crucial to help industry work this way and help feed people in need. Just because we do not need the food it does not mean we won’t help you.

Over the past two decades food redistribution has become more common and in that time we’ve learned a lot. It used to be that having a food safety manual or demonstrating compliance or brand security was a USP.

Nowadays, with the levels of food redistribution and the more open ways we all do things, food safety and brand security come as standard. If you cannot be trusted, you will not last two minutes trying to do this.

We have over twenty years’ experience of working with surplus food. Our team have grown many charities and companies in this sector, including launching the first social supermarket in the UK. In addition to this, we actively engage with WRAP and their industry work groups and are a Courtauld 2025 signatory.

The Bread and Butter Thing is a new way of working. We are service led, this is our day job and we recognise that it isn’t yours. So, we’re here to help.

Bread and Butter food factory

Don’t just take our word for it,
here’s what our partners have to say:

We have worked with the team from The Bread and Butter Thing since 2016. They are always informative and willing to help develop redistribution streams of work, whether through their own redistribution network or elsewhere. Mark Game and his team really understand how to work collaboratively and are informed and up to date with the redistribution landscape. Together we have developed our thinking and found new opportunities to find a home for food that might otherwise go to waste.

Steve Butts
Head of Corporate Services
Corporate Responsibility and Code Compliance
Wm Morrisons Supermarkets PLC

The Bread and Butter Thing have a fantastic attitude towards surplus food, donations and helping people. They’re really easy to work with and are always willing to help.
It doesn’t seem to matter what we throw at them, they’re happy to help. Even when the food doesn’t benefit their charity, and that’s what tends to separate them from others, they want to genuinely help and don’t just look at what’s in it for them.
A great bunch who know what they’re talking about, always rise to the challenge" and who have become good friends of Booths.

Colin Porter
Customer Experience Manager

Just give us a call on 0330 094 5353 or email us at and we will help find the best solution for you and the food you have to offer.
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