Bread And Butter

TBBT opens Saturdays

The Bread and Butter Thing has always looked to help make life more affordable and targets people and communities that struggle to get by.

We have had feedback from certain sectors of our membership that they really struggle to come to us during the week, they may be trying to hold down several part time jobs or have other obligations.

We always try to listen and respond to our members and as such, we have opened in our latest hub, Neon in Oldham, on a Saturday. 

With our partners in Oldham, First Choice Homes, we launched to and over 50 families on our first Saturday. We had a great reception and a fantastic number of volunteers.

Huge thanks to David Wilkinson and the team at Neon, especially the Men's Club as they have been huge supporters of TBBT and will no doubt make it a success at Neon.