Bread And Butter

Meet Sophie from Partington

Meet Sophie from Partington, we had a quick chat with her;


Where do you volunteer?

Ear4U - Partington


When did you start volunteering?

July 2018


Why do you volunteer for TBBT?

Get’s me out the house and I meet people.


Are you a TBBT member?



What do you like about TBBT?

It helps people when they are short of money and you get to try new food you we wouldn’t always buy in the supermarket.


Any tips for not wasting food?

Bring it back to TBBT and swap with other members


Any hot tips on how best to save a few quid?

Try everything 16 times to see if you actually like it, you’re not going to like it first time


How much do they think you save using TBBT? 

About £35 a week.


What do you use the money you save on?

Kids activities mainly.


Why have you found yourself using TBBT?

I signed up because I have 4 kids and was classed as homeless and I needed help. So it was a massive help and find inspiration creating new meals.


Anything else they want to tell us?  

TBBT need to do some recipe cards! And you need to get out there and tell more people about TBBT.