Bread And Butter

Meet Julie from Sale Moore

Say hello to Julie, one of our fantastic volunteers at St Francis in Sale Moore, we asked Julie a few questions;

When did you start volunteering?

Since February 2019


Why do you volunteer?

I know a lot of the volunteers and they were short on hands so I got stuck in and helped, and have been doing it ever since .I love it!


Are they a TBBT member?



What do you like about TBBT?

It’s the best thing to happen to Sale Moor! I like the produce, it’s really good. You get to meet people so there’s a sense of community about it.


Any tips for not wasting food?

If there is anything I don't want or need I give it to my sister so it doesn’t go to waste.


Any hot tips on how best to save a few quid?

Buy from The Bread And Butter Thing!


How much do you think you save using TBBT?

About £30 a week overall.


What do they use the money they save for?

I use it for bills and clothes.


Why do you use TBBT?

Because I’ve been in a position where I’ve had almost no money, I was told about TBBT so I came here and have been coming here ever since.