Bread And Butter

Gorse Hill welcomes TBBT

The Bread and Butter Thing have been in Trafford, in Partington and Sale Moore,  for a couple of years now and we have been working closely with Trafford Council and Trafford Housing Trust to identify more expansion opportunities.

Enter Gorse Hill Methodist Centre. Yesterday, we were welcomed to launch and had a great reception. Another amazing turn out of volunteers and supporters and members braving the cold to come and get their bags.

Donna Higgins, Place Based Integration worker for Trafford Council said;

"The Bread and Butter Thing at Gorse Hill was a resounding success.  It was great to see the volunteers working together to pack the bags and promote this initiative through facebook.  It was even better to see the warm welcome that the scheme got from local residents.  One resident we spoke with informed us that this scheme will ensure that her money goes further, enabling her to keep her cupboards stocked with food for her children."

Graham Axford, local co-ordinator said;

"After weeks of anticipation we finally started , with volunteers and staff from TBBT. From offloading food from the van, through bagging up, to closing the door after all our clients had left, the whole operation went smoothly. I was pleasantly surprised and very relieved at how well things went.

A great big thank you to everyone involved, and here’s to  continued growth and a successful scheme."

We are thrilled by our new partnership in Trafford and cannot wait to see what we can do together!