Our benefits


TBBT is a low-cost social and environmental model. The ability to operate on a low overhead base means that it can grow as quickly as it can find supply.


We operate through a membership scheme that provides supplies for your fridge, your kitchen cupboards and bathroom. Working with our community partners saves a lot of time and effort for us as they can find members through their own organisations.


By contacting members prior to distribution, we know how many bags of goods are required each day, assisting efficiency and eliminating waste.


Members benefits


For members, it’s great value – providing affordable goods and saving them on average around £25 on their weekly shopping. Our members range from young families and single parent families to refugees and the elderly.

The food we supply can often include items they might not have been able to afford, or better quality options than they would usually buy (such as organic produce). The end result is that they are eating better and more healthily, and are able to use the money saved on buying food to pay for other basics such as energy bills, home improvements or repaying loans.

They receive a week's worth of groceries at a time making it easier to plan meals for the whole week.

We have found that by paying a small amount for their bags, our members retain a sense of dignity and independence rather than feeling that they are having to rely on handouts

And as they can’t choose what is in the bags, they might even discover something new that they love, but might never have considered buying in the past!


Suppliers benefits


For suppliers we provide:

  • A reliable service to redistribute their surpluses.
  • A low-effort service that saves them time and resources as there’s no need for sorting.
  • Regular feedback regarding the volumes of goods and the social impact they are helping to provide.
  • A commercial return for certain goods.
  • A trusted partner with over 20 years experience of securely redistributing goods.


Community partners benefits


Our partners vary from being independent food banks to community centres to drop in support schemes. TBBT adds support and strength to the great work they are already doing to improve the general wellbeing and confidence of the community in which they operate.

Our community partners benefit by providing a zero cost, food access programme for their community. More importantly, our partnership brings more residents into the community project enabling our partners to engage more deeply with the community they serve.

Our model means they are confident that we can make a long-term contribution to their area so don’t have to worry about suddenly losing the service.

We believe that our partners need to feel part of TBBT as much as they do their community.